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          CNC MACHINES
          CNC MACHINES are fully automated industrial machines that are especially designed for the high speed and highly finished machining of various kinds of engineering materials to convert them into final products with excellent dimensional accuracy.
          GEAR HOBBING
          The offered range of GEAR HOBBING machineries are widely used in manufacturing industries which deals in the production of dimensionally accurate machine and automotive transmission units such as gears, sprocket and bevels.
          GEAR SHAPER
          GEAR SHAPER are the industrial machines that makes it very easier for the single operator to provide excellent finish to the gear flanks, teeth and central bore for easy installation and better engagement with other gearing elements.
          GEAR SHAVING
          We are one of the biggest importer, exporter and supplier of GEAR SHAVING industrial units that are used for the removal ofsmall amounts of metal from the working surfaces of the gear teeth for the correctionof tooth profile, errors in index, helical angle, and eccentricity.
          HORIZONTAL BORING MACHINES availed by us are available in fully automatic and semi-automatic variants according to clients demands. These machineries help to enlarge a preexisting hole with high class finish of the internal walls.
          LATHE MACHINES are the mother of all industrial machineries that can be used to perform various types of machining applications which includes cutting, turning, knurling, tapering, and many more. Buy from us these heavy duty machining units at a reasonable price.
          GEAR GRINDER
          GEAR GRINDER are high speed machining units that are used to remove the excessive metallic parts in between two adjacent teeth to provide a high class finish. These machineries are fast in operation and requires very less maintenance that make them highly demanding and cost efficient in operation.
          We are offering various types of GEAR MACHINES that are widely used in the medium to large scale industries which deals in the manufacturing of gears and sprockets. These machines make it very easier and fast to produce highly finished gearing elements.
          THREAD MILLING MACHINES availed by us are available in fully automatic and semi-automatic variants that are used to make highly finished threads with different profiles. They are highly durable and sturdy in constructionthat make them capable to withstand large vibrations and uneven forces.
          RADIAL DRILL MACHINE are compact and easy to use machineries that are provided with a high speed electrical motor which rotates the drill bit at higher speed to make highly finished holes within a hard metallic, non-metallic and alloyed materials.
          The offered range of DEEP HOLE DRILLING MACHINEare high speed cutting machineries that are capable to make finished deep holes in various types of metals. They are available in various variants and requires very less maintenance due to their high durability and sturdiness.